CSS 2020 – 02 months Super Session

VOCABULARY TIME (ADINS), offers you a great opportunity for ONLINE preparation of CSS 2020. Super Session is an exclusive program (02 months duration), would enable you to complete your preparations under supervision of CSPs.

Faculty Details:-
1. Aashij Luqman Cheema (CSP)
2. Shah Bano Khan (CSP)
3. Ayesha Nayyer (CSP)
4. Aimen Nadeem (CSP)
5. GM Abro (CSP)
6. Amir Yasin (CSP)
7. Tania Ayub (CSP)
8. Javairia Safdar (LUMS)
9. Aqsa Noreen
10. Marya Waqas

How to attend this online session?

Install Vocabulary Time (Android Application) OR Install Zoom (Iphone Application).

WhatsApp your details @03338749868 for Class alerts through email/text.

The details of classes will be shared on the same page as well.

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